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We are an entrepreneur education firm that simplifies the business planning process with classes, books, mentoring, and training materials.
Why Guided Business Plan?

We help you get to your goals faster

Instant Feedback

Write your plan during the class and get immediate feedback from a busness development specialist instead of receiving a lot of paperwork to decipher after attending a workshop.

Ongoing mentoring

As a Help Desk member, you receive step-by-step guidance. Focus on your vision rather than getting frustrated trying to figure out where to get the information you need.

easy instructions

Simply answer the questions in the GUIDED Business Plan workbook on you own time and at your own pace. With 2-5 word answers, you will end up with a comprehensive plan.

entrepreneurs rise up

of millionaires in the U.S. are women
of entrepreneurs are 55-64 yrs old
million solopreneurs make $100-250k
Person makes a difference ... will it be you?

Other programs touched on different topics where the Help Desk brings it all together. Even though it is virtual, I still have my moments when I can talk to my GBP mentor one-on-one.

- Tiko Davis, -


Our class facilitators and GUIDED Business Launch Help Desk | GBP Mentors are entrepreneurs with an exceptional talent to provide advice for various business models. Must be all the documentaries we watch.

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creative. concise. cheerful.

Melanie Rae
Managing + Director
Mary Browne
EIT + Biz Dev Specialist
Janine Robinson
Social + Community

We will work with biz owners across the US

Examples of business development centers that trust the GUIDED approach

"I can’t believe how much I was able to get done in such a short period of time. Melanie keeps you on track and does a great job at refocusing you to get the best use of time."

Michelle Cauley, LCSW

Founder, Cauley and Associates, a Los Angeles based Group Therapy Practice
GUIDED Business Launch Help Desk Member

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Our programs are designed for the owner who knows that pre-planning now saves future costs and reduces grey hairs!

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